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The Daiwa Crosscast X Reel – Big Pit Fishing Gets A Stylish, Impressive Delivery

Anglers into big pit distance casting are talking with great enthusiasm about the Daiwa Crosscast X Reel and how it has set a new benchmark for carp reels others must follow. Bursting with new technology, design and engineering features, this reel allows a long smooth cast with no tangled line, virtually instant drag and a line retrieval of immense speed. It certainly is an impressive package.

For a start, it incorporates Digigear, a digital gear design that gives optimum power, speed and durability by providing an ideal interface between the tough, surface treated alloy drive gear and the marine bronze pinion gear. And then there’s Air Bail, with its hollow tubular stainless steel bail design that is free of any protrusions so it will allow even loose line to smoothly travel down to the line roller with snagging or hanging up.

CrossWrap and Twist Buster are two of Daiwa’s further technological wonders, with the former cross wrapping line on the spool to increase casting distance and line pick-up whilst avoiding line dig in and the latter, with its new corrosion resistant ball bearing, reducing friction between the line and the roller as it brings line twist to a minimum.

The addition of the Infinite Anti-Reverse system means that rearward backplay handle movement is limited to almost zero and the amount of shock to the reel is reduced by some considerable margin. It also means there is no handle slap-back on hooksets and nor is there any slack line release.

Other features of the Crosscast X are Quick Drag, which lets you switch to fighting resistance to freespooling in an instant, Locomotive Level geared winding, set at 5.1:1 on all models, which gives you the ability to reel the line in at a very handy 108cm per turn, and a high impact line clip.

The three models of the Daiwa Crosscast X Reel are the 5000, 5500 and 5500LD which have capacities of, respectively, 14lbs over 360m, 17lbs over 400m and 20lbs over 265m.

This is, without a doubt, a seriously well put together reel which is bound to enhance your big pit fishing experience and, with its supercool shiny metal finish, it looks sensational too. A winner all round.

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Shimano Big Baitrunner C14 XTR-A LC Reel – Reaches The Pinnacle For Extreme Distance Casting

If you think it would be quite nice to have a bit of a smile on your face every time you distance cast for carp, you ought to get your hands on the Shimano Big Baitrunner C14 XTR-A LC Reel. It really is a dream to use, as they’ve incorporated all the very latest in technological breakthroughs to upgrade the XT-A LC reel and come up with what must be the ultimate in precision engineering excellence.

The innovative prowess of Shimano’s engineers is deservedly renowned, so it’s no surprise that they’ve done it again with the C14 XTR-A LC and made considerable improvements to what was already a pretty formidable gearing system, using what they like to call X-Ship Technology, to present you with a body and rotor that will deliver a massive, super-smooth cranking retrieval rate of 110cms per revolution, even when under extreme pressure. Even more impressive though, is that it all weighs just 790 gms.

It won’t take long for you to appreciate just how important all that retrieval power is though, because there is the potential here to cast up to 600 meters on a 12lbs line. Suffice to say that cast will be incredibly accurate with precise line lay, all due to the Aerowrap II and 2-speed slow oscillating AR-C spool combination. Then throw the six shielded anti-rust ball bearings, which reduce friction to an absolute minimum, into the mix, and you are assured of a line that will simply glide like silk to exactly where you want it to go.

The ratio is set at 4.6:1 and included in the package is an extra cold-forged aluminium spool.

With its dark, brooding, modern good looks, smooth action and exceptional precision, the Shimano Big Baitrunner C14 XTR-A LC is definitely worth having a look at and I don’t think I’d be putting my neck on the line too much in predicting that it will give you a new found confidence, greater enjoyment and an improved success rate in your big pit carp fishing quest.


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Shimano Big Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel – There’s Nothing Quite Like It For Smooth Distance Casting

When you consider their well-renowned pedigree, it’s not really surprising that Shimano have created the superb Big Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel, which is truly where it’s at in carp fishing right now if you would like to experience distance casting performance that is smoother and more dependable than anything you have ever known before.

Upholding their well-earned reputation for making products with contemporary, stylish designs and unsurpassed build quality, Shimano have come up with the goods yet again by engineering and designing what has to be just about as close as you can get to the very best in long range carp and specialist reels. Casting with the XT-A LC definitely reminds you why you have always enjoyed fishing as much as you do.

By incorporating the AR-C spool with slow oscillation AeroWrap 11 line lay, they have created a reel that is super-smooth and very powerful. With every cast, the line is completely evenly distributed so you have the potential to achieve much longer distances whilst not being made to put up with the maddening frustration of tangled-up lines which, by default, means more fishing time to enjoy.

Furthermore, Shimano have redesigned the gearing system, so you’ll experience much reduced friction and with shielded ball bearings, it is extremely durable too. The true test, of course, is when you’re cranking the handle on a proper distance cast, as that’s when you’ll truly get a feel for just how well made a reel it is. It quite tangibly raises easy winding to the next level.

There are two sizes of Shimano Big Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel available, depending on what your particular distance requirements are:

With a design intended to cope with more ultimate extremes, the Big Baitrunner has a gear ratio of 4.6:1 and a capacity of 16lbs over 440 yards. Then there is the Medium Baitrunner, which is geared at 5.3:1 and has a capacity of 12lbs over 315 yards.

If perfect distance casting is your goal, this reel, with its exceptional design and engineering qualities, smooth action plus great looks too, has got everything you are looking for.


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