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If you have thought about going on a fishing charter, then theres a series of must know tips, that will help you to get the most out of your fishing trip

If youve thought about booking that dream fishing trip, then I know that my top fishing charter tips will help you have the best possible time out on the water. Looking into how I can share my experience with you, and hopefully this means you’ll have the best time possible on the water!

I often work for charter crews as a deck hand, and ive seen many charters over my years in the industry. I speak from experience when I say that having the best time out fishing is dependant on wether or not you approach the boat fully prepared! I also book and go on heaps of fishing charters each year, on many boats, as I ove going fishing with mates! I have built up a large knowledge base of hints, tiups and tricks over the years as an industry player.

Before you leave, its important you establish some must know things, between you and the skipper, that will be essential to the success of your charter. Make sure you make arrangements with the skipper, as hes the one you will deal with on the water!

*The departure time, and the departure location details. Marina areas can be hard to find your bearings on, and chances are if your running late, the skipper might no be able to let the day go as planned.

*Get the skipper to inform you what gear the boat provides and what gear is your responsibility. The tackle on a boat can vary greatly, so to get the best idea, ask before hand to ensure you gear is top quality and well kept.

*Make sure the captain explains how long you will fish and how long you will spend steaming to the grounds. You shouldnt be out cruising all day, its best to get to the fishing grounds fast!

These are just a sample of the secrets that my full fishing charter tips article contains, to see them all, visit my page Fishing Charters.

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