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Fishing for Kokanee
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There are certain things you must keep in mind if you want to go out and have an enjoyable time fishing together. Safety is an important issue when you are going to take kids fishing. This should include a first aid kit because whenever you have kids you have potential accidents. Your kids tackle box should be small and lightweight so they can easily handle it. You will find that they take pride in knowing it is their own tackle box and you can let them have the input in it.

Innovation, variety and nostalgia make this hobby rewarding. If you are a fisherman who has come across and old tackle box full of lures, you know the magic that comes from collecting old vintage fishing lures and tackle. Without having to please mass-market discount stores, the small lure maker could truly innovate. Most antique lures are large – huge, in fact by today’s standards.

When it comes to fishing for largemouth bass it seems as if everyone has their favorite largemouth bass bait. Is it necessary to study water temperature, the weather, and the moon for 6-20 hours? Not at all, but learning the basics of fishing tips can make you a much more effective angler. The action that the buck tail provides underwater is unmatched by any synthetic material. Soft plastic jerk baits, such as the Slug-o, are very effective bass lures. Fishing soft plastic jerk baits over a weed bed is a great way to catch hungry largemouth bass. When retrieving these bass baits, make sure you “jerk” your rod tip, rather than a constant reeling motion.

I usually choose clothing based on comfort. In winter months, cold weather is a constant. For winter fishing you should wear the same things you might wear skiing or snowmobiling, plus a bit extra. One key item is fleece fingerless gloves. This newly redesigned wader is warm and comfortable. For winter fishing nothing beats the boot foot.

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