The Reel Deal: An Entry-Level Closed Face Reel

A lot of novice anglers will begin their interest in fishing in the first place, with the purchase of a rod & reel combination; but that being said, many will buy the rod and the reel separately, and will need some help on which reel to buy. Some of the best ways of choosing a starter reel is to ask other anglers; to join a local club, or to go on a beginners’ fishing school who have kit for hire.  One of the most popular selections is the closed face, or spincast reel.

Why spincast reels?

In a nutshell, they are easy to use and inexpensive compared to other types and widely available. Closed face reels are the choice for parents who want to teach their kids to fish – but they aren’t just for the young, they are also great for the learner angler.  Spinning reels also solve the problem of backlash, as they do not have a rotating spool to overrun and foul the line.

With an absolute plethora of reel manufacturers, choosing one’s first reel becomes a nightmare of available makers: Abu Garcia, Zebco, Sage, Shakespeare, and Shimano…the list of manufacturers is nearly endless. In these high-tech days, a trawl (apologies for the pun) of the internet also produces a staggering amount of options, but does offer what are generally the best discounts to be found.

Any Suggestions?

A great range of reels is held to be those made by Abu Garcia and amongst their extensive tried-and-tested range is the Abumatic series, and a good example is the Abu Garcia Abumatic 576i Spincast Reel, featuring several engineering innovations such as level-wind mechanisms (oscillating spools), and greatly improved drags for fighting the larger game fish. Line memory is not much of a problem with spinning reels, so they are relatively tangle-free and provide comparatively long, smooth casts. Modern technologies mean that they now include the use of modern alloys, making the reel lighter yet are still durable; and are easy to maintain.

Other features:
• Ultra-smooth spool drag system
• Duragear drive
• Instant Anti-Reverse
• Titanium nitride line guide
• Dual rotating swing-arm pick-up pins
• Left/Right hand retrieve
• Comfort Touch™ thumb button
• Pre-spooled with 110 yards of 8 lb. Berkley Trilene XL Line

For the more technically-minded, this reel has a gear ratio of 3.6:1 (which means that for every one turn of the reel handle, the bail arm will make 3.6, 360 degree rotations).

At a mid-range price, the Abu Garcia Abumatic 576i Spincast Reel makes an ideal first spincast reel for the learner, youngster, and even the more experienced angler.  From the famous Abumatic series, this low-maintenance reel with it’s smooth casting and other features is hard to beat. So, if you are a parent wanting to introduce your children to the sport of angling, take time to have a closer look.

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